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February 2023 has been a very good month for the non-fungible token (NFT) market: it recorded among the prime single gross sales on NFTs. World NFT gross sales have surged within the final month, reaching $835 million, the best quantity since June 2022. There has additionally been a rise within the variety of distinctive consumers — 620,554, in comparison with solely 257,614 in January.

High NFT gross sales Feb 2023

Here’s a breakdown of the highest NFT gross sales of February.

1. Sewer Cross #21915 – $1.6 million

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 1

Sewer Cross| Supply: OpenSea

Sewer Cross #21915 was bought for 1,000 ETH, about $1.6 million, making it the most costly NFT sale in February. On Feb. 27, the NFT was bought by Bored Ape Yacht Membership’s Dookey Sprint, a skill-based blockchain sport winner, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, to AdamWeitsman.

Yuga Labs retained full loyalties from the sale via OpenSea, totaling 50 wETH, or $80,000.

2. CryptoPunks #5066 – $1.43 million

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 2

CryptoPunk #5066| Supply: OpenSea

CryptoPunk #5066 is among the many 88 Zombie CryptoPunks bought for 857 ETH on Feb. 6. The NFT has three distinctive options; it wears an earring that may be a trait owned by 2459 Punks, a knitted cap owned by 419 Punks, and a smiling expression owned by 238 Punks.

The sale was price $1.4 million, the biggest Punk sale after Punk #2311, which was bought for $500,000 on Feb. 2. The NFT was introduced by 0x26206c from 0x8721cf, Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Moonbirds, an NFT startup.

3. Bored Ape Yacht Membership #7090 – $1.3 million

Bored Ape Yacht Membership #7090| Supply: Cryptoslam

Bored Ape Yacht Membership #7090 is among the rarest apes based mostly on its “strong gold fur” property, ranked the 62nd rarest NFT within the assortment. The NFT includes a five-trait gold fur primate with a multicolored grin, service clothes, and coronary heart eyes.

The NFT bought for 800 ETH, $1.3 million. The NFT vendor was Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis, a web3 creator and collector who bought it to an unknown purchaser. McNelis now stays with 59 Bored Apes, 86 Mutant Apes, 38 Bored Ape Kennel Membership Canines, 138 Otherdeeds, 71 Meebits, and 5 CryptoPunks in his chilly pockets, in accordance with Etherscan knowledge.

4. Fidenza #157 – $666.500

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 4

Fidenza #157| Supply: OpenSea

Fidenza #157 is a part of a group of 999 distinctive digital gadgets on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Tyler Hobbs created the gathering and launched it on 6/11/2021. The gathering is generative artwork created via writing code, whereby one provides guidelines and pointers to create random paintings.

The gathering is essentially the most versatile generative algorithm the creator has made. A collector bought Fidenza #157 for $666k (390 ETH) from 0x13DD, an unknown collector, to a different unknown collector.

5. CryptoPunks #2311 – $499,000

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 5

CryptoPunks #2311| Supply: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks #2311 is among the 6039 male punks with distinctive traits. It has distinctive options similar to a hoodie, which solely 3% of CryptoPunks have, and a shadow beard, whereby 5% have the trait. The opposite traits embrace an earring owned by 25% of the NFT assortment and three attributes as an adjunct.

The NFT was bought on Feb. 2 for 303 ETH, or $499k, from E0CC6A to BuyPunks. The gathering featured 10,000 distinctive collectible characters and was launched in 2017. The NFTs have been bought in prime public sale homes similar to Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

6. CryptoPunks #1484 – $483,000

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 6

CryptoPunks #1484| Supply: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks #1484 is among the many 10,000 NFT collections – CryptoPunks. The NFT has distinctive traits similar to a hoodie, handlebars, beanie, and pilot helmet traits, making it extremely coveted within the assortment.

The NFT bought for 286 ETH on Feb. 20, valued at $483,000 by PunksOTC2, who then bought it to teamrocket.eth.

7. CryptoPunk #2886 – $455,000

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 7

CryptoPunks #2886| Supply: CryptoPunks

CryptoPunk #2886 can also be one of many 10,000 Punks in existence. The NFT is male and has an opulent beard, a hoodie, and a cigarette. It additionally has three attributes, which makes it among the many 4,122 Punks that possess the trait.

The NFT, on Feb. 10, was bought for 295 ETH, price about $454,991. After the acquisition, the Punks neighborhood congratulated the brand new proprietor and talked about that the acquisition value equates to a free hoodie punk. Despite the fact that unknown, the deal with moved greater than 1000 ETH from a Coinbase pockets to Pockets 0xB1E5.

8. SuperRare #6708 – $415,000

SuperRare #6708 is a part of the SuperRare NFT assortment launched by the SupeRare platform that permits artists to launch digital paintings. The NFT was bought by rudya to an unknown deal with for $414,950.

9. Autoglyphs #335 – $400,000

Autoglyphs #335| Supply: Larvalabs

Autoglyphs #335 is an NFT amongst a group of 512 Autoglyphs. The NFT was not too long ago bought for $400,000, making it the most costly Autoglyph bought on Feb. 25 to an deal with B1E5CF. Autoglyphs are the primary “on-chain” generative artwork on Ethereum’s blockchain, whereby it’s a self-contained mechanism for the possession and creation of an paintings.

The gathering is OpenSea verified and was created 4 years in the past. In the intervening time, there are 151 Autoglyphs house owners.

10. Otherdeed #7906 – $394,000

Otherdeed #7906| Supply: LooksRare

Its rarity is ranked 99 in an inventory of 200,000 NFTs. The NFT is part of the Otherdeed NFT assortment from Yuga Labs’s metaverse sport enterprise, Otherside, that includes 100,000 NFTs.

The NFT was bought by whitecoatbanditVault to nobody_vault on Feb. 17.

Finest-performing marketplaces in February’s buying and selling quantity has reached over $1.29 billion in 30 days. Comparatively, OpenSea’s is round $383 million. The platform appealed to the pro-trader demographic. One of many causes was {the marketplace}’s promise to reward future airdrops handsomely on the BLUR token, which will probably be round $300 million over the following collection of give-outs.

Blur historic exercise| Supply: DappRadar

In the meantime, {the marketplace} is able to expend a few of its funds to entice NFT merchants in order that they stick round. One of many strategies they’re deploying is loyalty factors whereby customers can listing their NFTs on different marketplaces, and Blur will get a 100% loyalty rating.


OpenSea’s month-to-month quantity has, for the third month in a row, been crushed by Blur’s. The change not too long ago lowered its charges to 0% for a restricted time. {The marketplace} admitted shedding its customers to different marketplaces however was attempting to implement new measures to re-establish dominance.

Top 10 NFT sales in February 2023 - 11

OpenSea historic exercise| Supply: DappRadar

In the meantime, OpenSea’s transactions have been $2.08 million, whereas its quantity presently stands at $383 million. Different marketplaces then adopted, similar to X2Y2, ImmutableX, and CryptoPunks.

The NFT market carried on the energy January portrayed in February in bringing the NFT market again on its toes. There was an upward development and consecutive progress out there. The transfer is anticipated to proceed in March. As extra use circumstances merge within the NFT world, extra creators and tasks wish to capitalize on the bullish market.

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